Rattling Rafters and Haunting Moons

Recently I had the privilege of staying overnight at Preston Castle, an old boy’s reform school in Ione, California. It looms above the sleepy little gold rush town, peering down upon the vineyards and scraggly pines with half-shuttered window-eyes and a toothless brick grin. When we arrived the moon was on the rise, nearly full and streaming through the holes in the roof to the floorboards below. Bats swept in and out of the rafters just below the nest of white barn owls, that screeched all evening long. Hair pulling, whispers, orbs of light, and words of warning were but a few of the delights we encountered that night. As midnight approached we waited in breathless anticipation to see what wonders the witching hour would unfold.

Tonight, as the witching hour approaches, I will be in conversation with the one and only George Noory on Coast to Coast AM. I hope you can join us for a couple of hours of bizarre stories and freaky facts, and maybe you can even call in! 10pm -12pm, PST.


And perhaps you too can visit the beautiful and haunted Preston Castle. Proceeds for overnight ghost tours benefit the restoration. You can also read more about the history of the castle, including philanthropy, abandonment, and murder, on their website! And they will be hosting a Halloween Haunt!


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