Alabama – Strange America – 1

Ladies and gentlebeans, wicked weirdos and friends of the bizarre! We proudly present to you, our first episode of Tales of the Strange!! Varla Ventura’s Tales of the Strange: Strange America—Episode 1—Alabama We launch our show with a great look at the State of Alabama’s haunted history and a great UFO story. Host: Varla Ventura Co-Host:  […]

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A Christmas Ghost of Dickens’ Past

Happy Holidays, you weirdos! I’ve got a little present for you. I recently got together with my esteemed publisher for Weiser Books Radio Hour, to read to you from a little tale from Charles Dickens’ A Haunted House. Charles Dickens’ Christmas ghosts were rampant in his 1894 pamphlet Christmas Stories, a holiday supplement to Âll

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Oh How We Love to Hear You Scream

Kick off Halloween on this eve of All Hallow’s Eve with a little ramble down a shadowy path. Who knows what will scream, reach out or come looking for you while you are distracted listening to the radio? We cannot say, nor can we guarantee your safety. What we can be sure of is a

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Spend the Night with Me (and George Noory)

DAHLINK. I know you thought tonight is the night you’re finally going to get to bed at a reasonable hour but you were sadly mistaken. You can’t miss tonight’s Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. Why? BECAUSE I’LL BE THE GUEST. Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of time to eat your gruel and pour

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Freaky Friday: The Ghost in the Fruit Cellar plus Black Cats and Skulls

Bloodcurdling Bizarre It’s the last Friday in October and it’s time to really bust it out with freaky, Halloween-worthy, facts so have at it. Share them at a cocktail party, wow your blind date, or amuse your children. And if you want more, check out my books The Book of the Bizarre and Beyond Bizarre

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Paranormal Geeks Interview: Live!

Tonight, from 6pm PST to 8 PM PST, I’ll be chatting it up with the great geeks of Paranormal Geeks Radio.  Join me and host Jim Heater LIVE at 6pm PST: http://paranormalgeeksradio.blogspot.com/ You can listen live tonight from 6-8pm PST. Join us! We’ll speak of mermaids, ghosts, and other creatures of the night!!

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Z is for Zombie: What You Need to Know Before World War Z

Zombie, zombie, zombie. Yes, Yes everyone loves to say how FAKE zombies are and how very unrealistic it really is that a zombie apocolypse (zompocalypse?) could actually take place. But let me tell you: zombies ARE real. It may not be in the exact way you think. Even if you don’t beleive me, I’m going to

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Calling all Vampires!

Perhaps the most enticing and desperately attractive creature of the supernatural realm, ask some folks and they will tell you vampires are quite real. And there are often more to them than meets the eye. So whether you’ve had your blood drawn, your energy drained, had an odd encounter with a bat, or self-identify as

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Calling all Werewolves!

Lycanthropy is a clinical disease, one in which a supposedly deranged individual “imagines” that they are a werewolf. And according to Sabine Baring Gould, everyone of us has the potential to be a werewolf–we all have a primal, uncontrolled element to us that manifests in some people as madnees, others as cravings, and others as

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Zombies of Miami (Bath Salts Strike Again)

On a Miami, Florida off-ramp, a completely naked man attacked a homeless man with a ferociousness that makes The Texas Chainsaw Massacre look mild. The attacker began tearing away at the victim’s face, biting with his mouth, and then eating the chunks of flesh he tore off. Though the police and hospital are not confirming,

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