Coast to Coast Ghosts and Hosts

Now that it is just past midnight I am wired from having talked to the venerable George Noory on Coast to Coast.  So many amazing callers stories too. What a great way to kick off October.

A favorite freaky story that comes to mind after hearing a caller talk about “a dead man in the trunk” is the tale of the widow in Brazil. She was riding in the hearse when a rear end collision on the way to the cemetery caused the coffin to fly forward, striking the woman in the back of the head, and killing her instantly. Eternal love from beyond the grave? Simply a sad or strange coincidence? definitely bizarre.

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  1. Varla,
    Great site! I listened to C2C tonight and your segment was very interesting and good. I don’t have any idea how many radio interviews you’ve done, but you did an awesome job tonight. I’ve always had an interest in the bizarre and unusual. Be it spiritual (ghostly) or natural, biology/nature/ human. Now I’ll definitely be purchasing your book.

    Thanks, keep up the good work.

    1. Wow Ray, I really appreciate your feedback. I love Coast to Coast so it was a real honor to be on as a guest! Thanks for your support.

  2. Shirley Reichert

    Varla you were great on C2C last night!
    I was glued to my radio listening to you. I tried to call in to give my story… but as always the phone lines were busy!!
    My story is similar to one from your segment, except it seems to follow me wherever I go!
    I seem to “misplace” things even when I just put the item down!
    I lived in Florida for 12 years and thought it was just the house I lived in there, but it has followed me to my new home in North Carolina.
    An example is, after opening a can of paint with a screwdriver I put the screwdriver on the floor right next to the paint can, and proceded to paint the wall. I never left this one room! But when I needed more paint…no screwdriver!! LOL!
    After looking all over the house and not finding it, I stood in the middle of the living room and asked for my screwdriver back saying that I needed it to finish the painting.
    I then walked into the laundry room and there it was on top of the washing machine…on the other end of the house from where I was painting. So, if I cant find something these days I just have to ask “the room” for the item back and it shows up…somewhere in the house!

    I will be buying your book and look forward to hearing you again!!

    1. Hi Shirley, Sounds like you have come up with a creative solution to a paranormal problem! Thanks for listening in and for your support!

  3. Varla super interview you’re fun to listen to. You are very articulate. I’m heading to Barnes and noble to find your books. Thanks for a great show. John

  4. That is really weird. I’m so excited that its Halloween time, I LOVE writing scary stories. My boyfriend is a horror fanatic and watches scary movies all the time, hopefully they will rub off on me!

  5. When I was travelling in the Philippines I saw a Hearst with the back open. When stopped at a light two feet come out and the shoes fell off. I didn’t cross the road after that.

  6. Warren Zimmerman

    Great show on Coast to Coast last night. I hope we hear more from you in the future. I’m looking forward to picking up your new book. Best of luck to you.

  7. I did hear you briefly on C2C when a woman called having recieved messages from loved ones who had died, in the form of acts during her day oe something coincidential. I always believe, as I had told someone during a social get together, that our world, planet Earth, has a lot of surreal occurances and events that cannot be explained which pretty much sums up the state of our world right now. There is something symbiotic and strange with our bad human and tragic actions that affect the negative forces and energy of our world and that is not good. It reverbriates around the globe in a domino fall.

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