Paranormal Parlor

A Haunting in Paris:

Ralph Adams Cram was a master builder with a secret talent for occult horror writing. This wonderful short-story shows a side to this famous architect that proves his own dabblings as a writer are just as noteworthy as the Federal Building in Boston, one of Cram’s most famous building designs. Besides deco architecture Cram is best known for the Gothic revival movement, and is the architect behind dozens of beautiful cathedrals and buildings throughout New England. A true gothic at heart, his story of No. 252 Rue M. le Prince in Paris–where dark magic lurks and horrors await any who dare enter–shows just how dark this draftsman could be.

This, and four other exciting titles including Water Wizardry and The House and the Brain are part of a new venture of electronic books,the Paranormal Parlor collection,  brought to you by Weiser Books (one of the oldest publishers of occult books in the U.S.). And I am happy to be curating such a devilishly delightful new collection of stories and tales of the supernatural. There are many more to come, as I have only just scratched the surface of the cavernous world of collectable creepery!

Available now on Kindle, coming soon to a e-reader of your choice.

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