Spend the Night with Me (and George Noory)

Nobed by creepy pasta

DAHLINK. I know you thought tonight is the night you’re finally going to get to bed at a reasonable hour but you were sadly mistaken. You can’t miss tonight’s Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. Why? BECAUSE I’LL BE THE GUEST.

Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of time to eat your gruel and pour yourself a draught of ale before I’m on. I’m the second segment so that’s MIDNIGHT to 2PM PST.

TUNE IN HERE if you are a Coast Insider (you can also listen after-the-fact as a Coast Insider).

Click HERE to find your local station and tune-in live (and call in!)

We promise to keep you very, very awake.


Image: CreepyPasta 

4 thoughts on “Spend the Night with Me (and George Noory)”

  1. I listened to you on the show. I tried to call in, but didn’t “make the cut”. Have you heard of “the fairy flag” of the clan Macleod? Fascinating tale, what is your take?

  2. Awesome show! Creepy subject matter delivered with your infectious laughter and buoyant personality….Loved it!

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