Zombie Rats!!!!

What a wonderful world. We have vampire frogs, goblin sharks, and even zombie rats!

First, let me warn you this is a pretty gross story. And you know I don’t say that lightly. It involves rats and urine, so read the full article at your own peril…

According to an article by Graham Smith in today’s UKDaily News Online “a parasite that turns rats into zombies and manipulates them into losing their fear of cats has been uncovered by scientists.”

Apparently the rats were injected with something that made them sexually attracted to the smell of cat urine and cats, leading the rats right into the claws of the kitty-killers. This would work great with many of the cats I have lived with in the past–one particularly adapt huntress used to leave me “gifts” on my pillow (dead mice, lizards, bird wings, etc.) but I have certainly had some decidedly lazy cats who came closest to hunting when stalking my slippered feet. So science has created a monster (again) but no scientist can make a cat do something it doesn’t feel like doing. That would be a miracle serum, and we’d all want a vial to use on certain humans too!

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