Wicked Wednesday: Goblin Sweep

Wicked cool, it’s wicked Wednesday again. You know what really bothers me? Goblins. They are so annoying. Here is a great “humane” way to get rid of one. And then, get yourself some cash so you can spend it on glittery things that the goblins might have taken otherwise.

From Mrs. B’s Guide to Household Witchery (used with permission) :


While you may consider goblins to be generally troublesome spirits that you would not want to invite into your home, it is possible that one will take up residence without being invited. If you leave the goblin small gifts, you can often win his favor and good behavior. To rid your home of an unwanted goblin whose mischief is becoming too much, strew flaxseeds across the floor of your kitchen several nights in a row. The goblin will feel compelled each night to pick up the flax, seed by seed, keeping him from committing any trickery. After a few nights, he’ll be so frustrated that he will move on to another house where he can get back to his dastardly ways unimpeded. A female goblin is usually referred to as a “hag” or “crone.”

Money Draw Sweep

When you need a little extra cash to cover your expenses, and you’ve tried everything else to no avail. Try a money draw sweep and watch for unusual opportunities.

-1 part allspice

-1 part cinnamon

-1 part nutmeg

-Cornmeal base

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