Mermaids and George Noory: Coast to Coast AM TONIGHT

among the mermaidsGreetings guys and ghouls! I’ll be conversing with the great George Noory tonight, Wednesday the 17th, on Coast to Coast AM and I hope you can join us! The show starts at 10pm PST , and I’ll be on at 11PM PST. We’ll be discussing mermaids, and other strange and mythical beasties, banshees, and things that howl and bump in the night!

Click the link below to find out what stations will be airing the show. If you are a subscriber you’ll get it as a podcast too.

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Summer reading for supernaturalists!

If you’d like to read an excerpt, click here: mermaid excerpt



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  1. The mermaids also have an intresting tradition in Madagascar. Many times they are understood to be spiritual creatures. I have a number of interviews in my book where people in Madagascar speak about their interactions with them. The book is titled, I Am Not Afraid:Demon Possession And Spiritual Warfare -True stories from Madagascar

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