Vampires R Us

Ah, vampires. They’ve been hanging around the cobwebs of my mind lately. My latest Huffington Post blog is about vampires, and you can read it here:

A Carnival of Vampires

I guess it is the season! The count down to Halloween is on. I have been plotting further treats of the trickiest kind, and imagining the mayhem yet to be.  And what would make a vampire’s attire more appealing than fangs that look…natural. A self-made fangsmither, this guy: Father Sebastiaan makes real fangs for the masses. Or at least for the dedicated. I think they are prerequisite before you are allowed into any of the upcoming Vampire Balls. There is one in New Orleans, New York,  Salem, Massachusetts and more!

And speaking of Salem it is the PLACE to be during the month of October. There are countless haunted happenings, including The Festival of the Dead, Dumb Supper, ghost hunts, Witches’ Ball, Vampire Ball, oh lordy! It is an endless fiesta of complete freakery and fun. This year I’ll be pining for my witchy co-horts on the East Coast. Sigh….

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