Of Magical Creatures: A Pre-Preview

You may have noticed the question or the requested comment that I’ve asked you, dear readers, to answer for me as part of this Bizarre Giveaway. What is your favorite magical creature? Dear Varla, why-ever do you want to know?

I’ve been working on a series of e-book only books for my publisher, Weiser Books, on the subject of Magical Creatures and we are very pleased to pre-announce that one creature in particular is making it to print early next year. And more will likely be on the way. So your comments are serving as more than a mere factoid–they are helping me help the publisher pick from my menagerie of banshees, werewolves, mermaids, phookas, and other crazy, creepy, cute, crawling creatures of mythical and magical proportions. So stay tuned, weigh in, and write to me about your favorite freaks! And in the meantime, buy my digital books!! Image

2 thoughts on “Of Magical Creatures: A Pre-Preview”

  1. George Cleveland

    Harvey the Rabbit was considered a pookah. My favorite magical creature is a human being. We are way more magical than we know. BUT…I like elementals–creatures big and small that roam the seasons. Hyperboreals who sneak down from the north as summer fades and autumn starts to slow down.

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