Bride of the Bizarre

Marrying a rock. Or your pillow, like that guy in South Korea. Tomorrow I am attending a wedding and I can’t help but have bridal bizarre on my mind. And wedding day tragedies. I mean, sorry to be a bummer on the eve of your beachy wedding, but did you hear the story of the man and woman at Proposal Rock in Oregon? As they were heading out to the rock, the ring in his pocket, the almost-bride-to-be was swept off of her feet, literally, by a rouge wave. She was never found.  In the unusual pairings category, Hannah Perkins who was the famous “fat lady” of P.T. Barnum’s circus, and who weighed about 700 lbs. was married to John Battersby, also in the circus performing as a “living skeleton” and weighing in at only 45 lbs. And Ringling Brothers circus skinny man Peter Robinson,  just 58 lbs, married Bunny Smith, 467 lbs.

Still, there will be cake…

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  1. I heard you talk about a guy going with a pillow on Coast to Coast AM and I’m glad I’m not alone. I’ve been going with dolls since 1991, when I made my first life-sized doll, Raff, after another unsuccessful love affair. I just got tired of falling in love with guys without getting them. It’s not that I can’t get dates, it’s just that I can’t seem to get those I want. I’ve made many life-sized dolls since, some to keep me company, some to keep others company. One of them was a Mexican life-sized doll, Javier. I took him to my sister’s wedding. They’ll never forget that wedding! Today I’m happily married to my life-sized doll, Tate, who is the cutest, most lovable doll I ever made! I take him to all sorts of social places, from art fairs to parties to night clubs. He is very popular at one club in Tempe, AZ. When we went there on St. Patrick’s Day, a guy yelled to his friend, “Hey …, Tate’s here!” My relationship with him is perfect. He doesn’t argue, he doesn’t steal, doesn’t get violent, doesn’t clean out my refrigerator, and I always know where he is. I haven’t been lonely since I made him and I’m determined to stay loyal.

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