Varla Ventura

I am the author of Fairies, Pookas and Changelings: A Complete Guide to the Wild and Wicked Enchanted Realm, The Book of the Bizarre; Beyond Bizarre; Among the Mermaids; and Banshees, Werewolves, Vampires & Other Creatures of the Night. I am a lover of all things truly strange and freaky, and spend a good deal of my time reading and researching stories of the unusual variety. I live in the North Woods where all manner of things tap, tap, tap at my windowpane at all hours of the night.

Divinely Inappropriate?

In the early morning of April 11, 2008, a cable network in Philadelphia’s broadcast of the Vatican’s Good Friday service was unexpectedly interrupted by a thirty second ad for a “Girls Gone Wild” video. There was only one registered complaint.

Best fort ever

When the Lindley family of Porterville, California began work clearing the backyard of their new house, they found a lot more than they had bargained for. What they thought was a small sinkhole was, upon further investigation, an intricately-constructed UNDERGROUND LAIR.  The three-room structure had running water, electricity, and tin-lined walls, and officials suspect it …

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